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Here you will find specialists in plastic surgery in the area of Merida which is the medical specialty that has a function of functional and anatomical normalcyty body coverage, that is, the shape of the body.Through surgery it seeks to reconstruct deformities and correct functional deficiencies by transforming the human body

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Transfer of grease for increased volume in the breasts.

Plastic surgeries are improving their techniques as technological advances allow it.

An example of this happens with the increase in breasts, considered one of the surrogies that is most practiced in the world, well, now the form, the size and the volume of the breasts can be changed without having to use implants of silicone.

This is possible through the transfer of body fat, an alternative that according to the Colombian plastic surgeon, Lina Triana, is much safer and less stressful. "It is carried out by extracting fat from the patient from areas such as the abdomen, the legs, arms and hips by means of a liposuction to transfer it to the breasts," she explains.

Advantages of increasing the size of the breasts through body fat transfer

Over the years, there are factors such as aging, genes, weight loss or breastfeeding that make our breasts fall or lose volume, so it is valid that women who want to improve the appearance of Your breasts, can be practiced this procedure.

Know some of the advantages of not using silicone to increase the size of the breasts, but to opt for the transfer of body fat.

  • The results are seen and feel more natural because the increase in volume is made with fat, the same type of tissue presented by the breast by nature.
  • are permanent results, the duration of fat reaches very high levels due to the optimization of lipotransference.
  • There are no strange bodies in the breast, because no silicone implants are placed.
  • there are no scars, because the fat is infiltrated by means of demycroinjections.
  • does not make hospital income because only local anesthesia is required.
  • There is a double result because, on the one hand, the breast increase occurs and, on the other, the bodily zones are stylized from which the donor fat is extracted.
  • The recovery time is less than that of implants, because they are only needed between 4 and 7 days.
What is the Grease Transfer procedure in the breasts?

This new technique meets the dream that some women have to take the size of their breasts naturally, without resorting to silicone implants.

In this way not only the form is improved, but also rises and increases the volume of breasts, giving a very natural aspect.

Plastic surgeon, Lina Triana, notes that to carry out this procedure, a minimally invasive advanced technology is used, Lalipolaser in which the fat is extracted by means of a very fine cannula and the fat cells are carefully obtained The areas of the body previously decided.

After this, "fat is processed with the appropriate techniques to preserve fat cells and ensure a high percentage of survival of these after being injected into breasts," says the doctor.

The good thing about this process is that notorious cuts are not made, but only fat cells in the breast are injected through very small incisions in different parts of the breasts, to give a complete and natural appearance without the need for implants.

What is liposeculture with VASER?

Liposculpture with VASER is an advanced form of liposuction a little different from conventional liposuction. This technique is used to mold the body, unlike conventional liposuction, liposculpture uses the fat removed to improve the prominence and definition of some body areas such as glutes or legs and with excellent skin retraction what It allows defining the muscles of the abdomen, chest and shoulders known as High Definition.

Because usually the procedure is performed under local anesthesia, the patient does not suffer from tantalipo-vaserinflammation or the hemorrhages associated with other liposuction techniques. Usually an anesthetic solution is injected into the area to be treated, this to contract the arteries and blood vessels and thus reduce the possible bleeding and swelling. The difference between liposculpture and liposuction is basically that liposculpture removes minor amounts of grease than liposuction and is specifically focused on sculpture and molding some areas of the body. Liposculpture is commonly performed in the abdomen area, thighs, back and arms.

This procedure is ambulatory and is very safe, with a very fast recovery of 2 to 3 days using a special compressive strip of 4 to 6 weeks to achieve a better definition of the abdomen and the intervened areas. The return to physical activity (exercise) is 2 weeks.

  • Infection.
  • Asymmetries.
  • Disorders in sensitivity.

Dr. Fernando Nuñez Zapata

Breast implants

They are bags that have a silicone-based coverage that are filled with different substances according to their characteristics.

We have saline implants, which are placed in the patient and subsequently filled with physiological solution or saline serum or an inert and harmless substance similar to a gel (pure silicone). This type of implant is the most used in the United States due to the restrictions that the FDA maintains on the use of silicone gel implants. Silicone gel implants filled and hydrogel implants. There are special prostheses for women with high risk of breast cancer stuffed with opaque radio substances but their long-term evolution is less verified than with silicone or serum.

Each filling material has advantages and disadvantages, the main advantages of the first consistency of silicone and second the safety of the saline solution in the case of filtration or rupture of the cover.

Characteristics of each:
  • Saline filling, Which one has a silicone cover stuffed with a sterile salt liquid. These implants are currently the only ones available in the United States.
  • Stuffing with silicone gel, Which ones have a silicone cover stuffed with silicone gel. These are not currently available for implants in the United States, but future regulations can change this. In the 60 countries outside the United States where silicone implants are still available, they are used in approximately 90% of implant operations. The FDA is carrying clinical investigations of a new type of implant with silicone gel filled with a new type of silicone called? Cohesive silicone gel? That is believed has reduced spill incidents.
  • String implant, A third, much less common type of implant, is a method for obtaining extreme breast dimensions, initially developed by Dr. Gerald W. Johnson, using polypropylene (PPP) . String implants are unique due to the fact that continue to continue expanding after surgery, and are preferred by those women who choose to have larger breasts, including many adult hostels? These are currently available for implants in the United States, but future regulations can change this.
  • Engineered fabric implant, A new implant form currently under development. The principle is that the cells are taken from the patient themselves, which are then combined with an appropriate support material to produce an engineered tissue breast implant. The advantage of this method is that there are no risks of spills or ruptures, and the size can be maintained stable for life, in contrast to silicone or saline fill implants which are typically reduced by up to 40%. Greater coverage can be found on related links.

Scientific studies carried out up to date reveal that none of these implants produces cancer or autoimmune diseases. Anyway, in consultation with the professional it is determined which is the best according to each case.


All implants come in various sizes that are measured in cubic centimeters (CC). The choice of size is a delicate issue that requires stopping with the patient to come into understanding what is really expected from the operation. In principle there is no volume that suits but the desire to achieve forms that are related to the femininity image that the patient possesses. The bra sizes are a bad indicator. The method we use to define the size is to place prostheses of various volumes in a bra without filler until you find those with which you are best.


As for the form, there are round implants that are the most used worldwide and anatomically or tear implants or water drop or drop, which similarly resemble the form of the breasts. The difference of these anatomical implants with the rounds is that the upper part of these has less volume and therefore this is reflected in the mams of the patient showing less filler in the upper pole of the breasts. Round implants if they give that volume at the top. Mentor mammary implants have several degrees of projection: moderate, moderate plus and high. High profile implants are an excellent option for women who want a greater projection and have a narrow thoracic wall.

To acquire the most natural volume and feel as possible to a normal gland, the implants are filled with:

  • physiological serum (water and salt)
  • Silicone gel, a natural, inert, purified substance and in a state of gel

The physiological serum is very similar to the fluid that constitutes up to 70% of the human body. If the implant has some loss or saline exits, it can be reabsorbed without inconveniences by the body. Although stuffing implants with physiological serum give a slightly less natural sensation, they are preferred by many women and surgeons in the USA because the saline solution is a type of body fluid.


As for the surface, they can be smooth or textured. The smooth surface implants should never be placed ahead of the higher pectoral muscle, since if it is done, the incidence of capsular contracture is greater than 80%. The smooth implants should be placed only behind the pectoral muscle. Textured implants on the contrary have less incidence of capsular contracture formation regardless of where they are placed, ahead or behind the muscle.


Another feature of the implant is the profile: There are 3 types of profiles, low, high and extra high.

The greater profile, greater projection of the breast. CC, higher volume. In this way we can find implants for example 325cc of low, high or extra high profile.

Then the breast implants exist in different sizes and shapes, with several materials both inside, and in its envelope. You together with your doctor must choose those who are best for you.

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