Is Face Tape For Instant Facelift Effective? We Tell You The Truth (2023)

We all may want to age gracefully, but aging does take a toll on our faces in the most bothersome way. Sagging skin and age lines look utterly unappealing and make us self-conscious. While there are myriad facelift choices, such as Botox,facelift surgery,non-surgical facelift, etc., a large section of women still look forless painful and less expensive options to achieve the best results. An instant facelift is also in pretty high demand to restore a more youthful look, and here comes the importance of face tape. The affordable solution takes years off your face immediately without the use of harmful chemicals or painful injections. This article will talk about using face tape for an instant facelift and how effective the choice is.

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What Is A Face Tape?

A ‘face tape’ is a ‘band-aid solution to a mature face.’ As the name reveals, it is nothing but a simple facial ‘tape’ that pulls back and stretches the skin to create an illusion of a tighter face. The tape is usually breathable, hypoallergenic, and of medical grade. This non-surgical option gives a mini facelift instantly by smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines in a sagging and aged face. Since the last few decades, the facelift tape has been very popular only among Hollywood celebrities. But now, it has become a fast and easy at-home fix for anyone developing premature signs of aging.

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Why Use Face Tapes For Facelift?

A Face Tape is easy to use, extremely cheap, and gives instant results. Those, who are not ready to inject chemicals into the skin and want to stay away from surgical procedures, can try this risk-free, at-home solution to make their skin look firmer and younger. The tape can work as a perfect alternative to cosmetic facelift surgery by giving you an instant facelift right before parties and other events. Moreover, you can make your face look fuller and smoother without the risks of experiencing potential side effects.

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How Does A Face Tape Come?

An instant facelift tape comes with two thick and opaque strips of tape, which may or may not have elastic strings attached to the ends. The strings can be of different colors so that you can hide them easily under your hair. Face tapes are meant for one-time use only. However, you can wear them all day long. Typically, brands sell sets of facelift tapes together. Each pack comes with detailed pictorial instructions regarding how to use them and how they work. This ensures safe and effective results.

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How To Use Face Tapes?

Though the application of the face tape seems a little tricky at first, it is pretty simple. However, you need to practice a bit before using it in public.

1. With Elastic Strings

If using face tape with elastic strings, stick the end of the tape to the skin on the face, right next to your ears. Do this on both sides. Now, pull back the elastic thread and tie it securely at the back of the head so that your skin gets a ‘pulled up’ appearance. Style your hair so that it covers the strings and gives you an instant youthful appearance.

Once you secure the tape on your facial skin, lift the elastic strings over your head and hook them together behind so that the skin look taut and tighter.

2. Without Elastic Strings

If using one without elastic strings, stick one end of the tape to the skin near the ear on your relaxed face. Now, pull back your cheeks with your free hand to get a taut appearance and stick the other end of the tape further up the face. Finally, style the hair properly to keep the tape hidden. This results in healthier as well as tighter-looking skin.

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Similar to facelift tapes, Face Slimming Masks are used to tighten and contour the sagging skin of the chin. Moreover, one can opt for V Line Mask and Double Chin Reducer to address sagging skin issues.

Cost Of Face Tapes

A pack of Face tape can be bought from beauty stores for as little as $15, and the per-unit cost is less than USD 0.5. In addition, many companies like Secret Lift, Bring it up, and Art Hoardings sell facelift tapes that work on the face, neck, and eyes simultaneously.

How To Buy a Face Tape?

Although face tapes are inexpensive and harmless, choosing the right tape is crucial for a wrinkle-free experience. While ordering your Face Lift Tape Box, make sure to check the following criteria-

  • The product should be eco-friendly and safe to use
  • Holding power of the tape (Stronger the better)
  • Hypoallergenic/unlikely to cause an allergic reaction
  • Medical Grade Label
  • Transparent patch and Breathable
  • Waterproof
  • Thickness (Recommended 0.01mm – 0.02mm)
  • User Reviews (Especially when you have sensitive skin)
  • Discontinue if you experience irritation or redness

Advantages Of Face Tapes

Are face tapes effective in lifting the face instantly? Why should you prefer it over other facelift options? Here are all the advantages of face tapes that you need to know:

  • When used correctly, they dramatically change your aged look by instantly reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
  • They are effective in smoothing out very fine lines around the eyes and firming up the jaw, which is difficult to achieve even with makeup.
  • They are way too cheaper than cosmetic facelift surgeries and much more affordable than branded wrinkle creams.
  • Being a genuinely mechanics-based procedure, no harmful chemical is involved in it.
  • No pain is associated with face taping as it is neither an invasive surgery nor a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure.
  • It is completely safe and can be practiced at any time, anywhere.

Disadvantages of Face Tapes

Just like other cosmetic products, face tape also has a few downsides. Check them out below:

  • It works as a temporary solution for women with mature faces. Once you remove the tape, your skin returns to its original state.
  • Applying it properly may not be a smooth affair for anyone and everyone. The positioning of the tape can differ based on the shape of the face. It makes the task challenging sometimes.
  • Hiding it with hair may turn out to be extremely difficult at times. It not only limits your options for hairstyling but also appears tacky and obvious at times.
  • Long-term costs of facelift tapes can go up exponentially as they are for one-time use only.

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Alternatives to Face Lift Tapes

While facelift tapes are considered safe, one can try the following alternatives to address saggy skin –

  1. Topical creams (Vitamin C, Retinol based)
  2. Chemical peels
  3. Laser Resurfacing or Laser Peeling
  4. Botox
  5. Face massage
  6. Natural face masks (coconut/aloe/honey etc.)

Summary –
If you are looking for a temporary and quick fix to your sagging skin, face tape is the answer. It’s cost effective, free from any side-effects and instant. However if you want a permanent solution, you can opt for anti-aging wrinkle creams or surgical procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is The Face Tape Visible Easily?
Face tapes are available in different colors to match the skin tones of different people. Even a woman with a darker skin tone applies it; it will still be barely visible.

Can I Use A Face Tape Over Makeup?
No. The procedure should only be performed before putting on the makeup and styling the hair. Always cleanse your face thoroughly with a gentle cleanser before applying face tape.

When Should I Remove The Face Tape?
You can wear face tape for an instant facelift all day long without pulling it up. But do not feel tempted to pull up until all those wrinkles and fine lines disappear completely during the application. This may create a fake, weird look. Also, make sure that you do not sleep in it.

Is There Any Side Effect Of Face Taping?
There are no side effects of using face tape for an instant facelift. However, while pulling the elastic strings at the ends of the tape, make sure that it stretches only the skin instead of the eyes and mouth. Or else, there will be an unnatural slant to those parts of the face. It can also lead to discomforts like pain, headaches, etc.

Does A Face Tape Offer Permanent Results?
A face tape is amazing for an inexpensive non-surgical facelift. If you are looking for a temporary solution that would last for a few hours, it will work great for you. However, if you want something more permanent, you must skip it.

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