How To Cut Cultured Marble (Step-by-Step Guide) | Upgraded Home (2023)

How To Cut Cultured Marble (Step-by-Step Guide) | Upgraded Home (1)

If you love the appearance of marble and want to save some money, then you might want to know how to cut cultured marble. Cultured marble is great because it looks like marble but is much more affordable. However, to get the most out of cultured marble, you may need to cut it.

To cut cultured marble, you will first want to mark your cuts. Then, using a rotary saw and masonry blade, you will cut the cultured marble using standard technique. Smoothing out the edges with sandpaper will finish off your cuts and have your cultured marble looking amazing.

There’s a lot to know when it comes to cutting cultured marble. This durable and appealing material is great to work with, but only when you know what you’re doing. This complete guide will give you the information that you need to effectively work with cultured marble.

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How To Cut Cultured Marble (Step-by-Step Guide) | Upgraded Home (2)

Supplies Needed to Cut Cultured Marble

If you are hoping to cut cultured marble, one of the first things you need to do is gather your supplies. With the right supplies, you’ll have a much more successful venture. Here are the supplies that you will need:

  • A work table or bench
  • Rotary saw
  • Masonry blade
  • Clamps
  • Towels/pads
  • Sandpaper
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Yardstick

With these supplies, you can be prepared when it comes time to make your cuts. Without the right preparation, you might find yourself spending more time at the hardware store and less time cutting cultured marble!

What is Cultured Marble?

In order to cut cultured marble, it may be helpful to know exactly what cultured marble is. Despite its name, it is not true solid marble. Instead, it is a mixture of marble particles, resin, and a catalyst. Because of this, it is a very solid material that needs strength and precision when cutting.

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However, this shouldn’t stop you from cutting it yourself, if you have the knowledge and skill. Cultured marble is a very durable material that is also more affordable than real marble. When sanded and polished, it looks just like real marble. For this reason, many use it to improve the appearance of kitchens and bathrooms.

Possible Uses for Cultured Marble

There are many applications for cultured marble. Because of the benefits associated with cultured marble, it is becoming increasingly popular in many areas of remodeling. Here are some of the most common uses for cultured marble.

Kitchen Countertops

Though it is not as common as other materials for kitchen countertops, cultured marble is sometimes found in kitchens. This material could be used as a durable and affordable kitchen countertop, especially for a commercial building.

If you are cutting cultured marble for a kitchen countertop, there are other factors to consider. You will also need to cut holes for the sink and faucet holes. Cultured marble for the kitchen is a good choice if you want to add style at an affordable price.

Vanity Top

The most common usage for cultured marble is in bathroom vanities. That is because it is highly water-resistant and very durable. It is used in both residential and commercial properties as a bathroom vanity countertop.

As a vanity top, it is a very durable and long-lasting material that you can trust to provide value.

Outdoor Entertainment

Another, lesser-known possible application for cultured marble is in outdoor entertainment areas. This could be outdoor kitchens and other countertop areas such as an outdoor bar. It is a very durable material that is resistant to water. This makes it a great candidate for these applications.

Benefits of Cutting Cultured Marble

If you need cultured marble around your home, there are some benefits to cutting it yourself. The alternative is ordering it customized or hiring a professional to cut it. Here are some of the benefits of doing it yourself.

More Affordable

The first and probably most obvious benefit is that this route is more affordable. If you can cut it yourself, that means you don’t have to order a customized piece or hire someone else to cut it. With the right equipment, it is quite easy to cut cultured marble.

The potential cost savings are in the hundreds for small pieces and potentially thousands for larger pieces or bulk orders of the material.


Another benefit is that when you cut it yourself, you can be sure that it is customized to your needs. Instead of trusting a third-party to produce a piece of cultured marble that you need, you can do it yourself! This could lead to a faster, better-finished product.

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Increase Home Value

Using high-end materials in your home has shown time and again to have a clear benefit on the value of your home. Using cultured marble could create clear appeal in your home and drive the value up. It should be considered a worthy investment to make.

Improve Style

For those that simply want to improve the look and feel of their home, cultured marble is a great choice. Cultured marble comes in many different styles and easily upgrades the appearance of any room. For a clean, modern look, cultured marble is a great choice.

Cutting Cultured Marble Step-By-Step

Follow this step-by-step guide for the best results when cutting cultured marble.

Step One:The first step is to measure the piece that you are cutting. Plan out your cuts by marking them with a pencil on the bottom side.

Step Two:Gather blankets and towels to shield your piece of cultured marble from damage.

Step Three:Flip the piece of cultured marble upside down to show the pencil marks and prepare your cuts. Secure the piece to the workbench with clamps to hold it in place.

Step Four:You can cut along the pencil lines that you made on the piece. Be sure to use a rotary saw with a masonry blade. Without the right equipment, you can easily damage or splinter the piece.

Step Five:The final step is to smooth the edges of the cuts with sandpaper. This will help create a clean, smooth edge that is usable.

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How To Cut Cultured Marble (Step-by-Step Guide) | Upgraded Home (3)

Safety Precautions

If you’re going to cut cultured marble, it’s important that you follow some safety precautions. These safety precautions are designed to protect both you and the piece that you are cutting.

For yourself, it is important that you wear protective gear. This includes eyewear, gloves, and long clothing while cutting. You should also wear appropriate footwear when doing any home improvement project.

As for the cultured marble, there are some guidelines to follow. Always use towels and other soft materials on your workbench. Cultured marble is durable, but can easily scratch if you are reckless. Scratches create another set of problems, so it’s important to avoid them.

Another step to take when cutting cultured marble is to ensure you are using the correct saw. This will lead to a good, clean cut. Without it, you could splinter the material and ruin a piece.

Related Questions

Can cultured marble vanity tops be cut?

Yes, they can be cut to fit the need of your bathroom vanity. Use proper equipment and planning.

How do you get deep scratches out of cultured marble?

The best way to remove deep scratches out of cultured marble is to use sandpaper on the area. After this, use a wool buffing pad to restore the shine of the surface.

How do you cut marble without chipping?

To avoid chipping, properly secure the piece to the table. Use the correct saw and blade at the right speed.

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What circular saw blade for cultured marble? ›

Cutting marble

You can use an ordinary circular saw, equipped with a diamond blade, to wet-cut your marble. Because this will be a messy job and you'll need your garden hose, you'll want to work outdoors.

Can you cut cultured marble with a grinder? ›

Cutting marble is a delicate process that requires precision cuts to achieve a professional result. Patience and the proper blade are crucial to avoid damaging the marble, which could be expensive to replace. A grinder is an ideal power tool to cut marble when outfitted with a diamond-cutting blade.

What is the best blade for cutting marble? ›

The Value of Diamond Blades for Cutting Marble

-are incredibly efficient; they can cut much faster than other blades on the market.

How do you cut marble without chipping? ›

Marble tile chipping when cutting
  1. Use a high-quality diamond blade. ...
  2. Cut in the correct direction. ...
  3. Start with a bit of masking tape. ...
  4. Slow down near the end.
Jun 14, 2021

What is the difference between marble cutter and circular saw? ›

The Basic Differences Between Marble Cutter And Circular Saw

The marble cutting machine is primarily made for cutting stone and other hard, dense materials. Electric circular saws are mainly used to cut soft materials like wood since when we think of sawing, we think of sawing trees and sawing wood.

Can you cut marble with a multi tool? ›

It works great when cutting porcelain tile, ceramic tile, marble, granite and other types of natural stone. This is a great blade for almost any project. It is the best-listed multi-saw blade for cutting masonry and concrete.

Can I use a razor blade on marble? ›

Remove any built-up residue from cleansers, cooking grease, or other substances might remain with a plastic scraper or (carefully!) a single-edged razor blade. To use a blade, hold it at an angle and lightly pass it over the marble.

Can I cut marble myself? ›

Marble is a type of natural stone often used for countertops and tiling. To cut a slab of marble, you need a wet saw with a diamond blade and proper safety equipment. Mark the marble with a pencil where you want to make the cut and move the slab slowly into the machine.

Can I cut marble at Home Depot? ›

Yes, the Home Depot cuts quartz and marble countertops as part of its kitchen design services. Customers must furnish the specific dimensions and measurements to ensure the proper cut. Please note that the Home Depot does not cut countertops purchased from third-party retailers.

Can I cut marble with a tile cutter? ›

If you are wondering how do you cut marble tile, you do not need to go further or buy an expensive machine for a one-time job. You can use a tile wet saw.

What do you use to cut cultured stone? ›

For cutting Cultured Stone® pieces, use a Carborundum or diamond blade, in a masonry or circular saw, a table saw, tile saw or small hand grinder. Wide mouth nippers and a hatchet will help you fine tune your trimming.

Does cultured marble crack easily? ›

Cultured marble sinks often develop cracks around the drain. Called thermal shock, it is caused by fast, repetitive changes in temperature from hot to cold. Fortunately, any damage you have to your cultured marble sink or vanity can be easily repaired prior to refinishing.

Can you cut marble with a Dremel? ›

Cut through hard materials, such as marble, concrete, brick, porcelain, ceramics and epoxies, with the Dremel Diamond Wheel. It's coated with fine diamond particles for tackle these hard materials. The wheel gives you smooth, fine cuts.

Why do you cut marble with water? ›

Preserves both surface and edges of the marble, soft and smooth. The quality in the appearance of the marble is one of the main reasons that architects and designers choose the method of water jet cutting.

Why do you use water to cut marble? ›

The blade needs constant water to keep it cool while it is making the cut through the marble.

Can you cut marble with a carbide blade? ›

-it-yourselfers who own and regularly use a portable circular saw for cutting lumber and wood panels are familiar with the fact that there are specially hardened, carbide-tipped blades available that will cut through nails hidden in lumber, many do not realize that these electric power saws can also be used to cut ...

What type of drill bit do you use for cultured marble? ›

Attach a carbide- or diamond-tipped hole saw attachment with guiding drill bit to a variable-speed drill. Screw the attachment onto the front of the drill until the attachment is tight and level so the guiding drill bit in its center does not appear to wobble when the drill is turned on.

What is a drawback of cultured marble? ›

Disadvantages of Cultured Marble. However, there are some drawbacks to consider as well: Vulnerability to scratches. Compared to some materials, cultured marble is quite durable—but it's not indestructible. This type of material is vulnerable to scratches, which can be difficult to repair.

What should you not use on cultured marble? ›

Harsh chemicals like bleach and abrasive cleaners can damage the coating on your cultured marble, making it appear dull and causing chemical scuffs. You should also avoid cleaning with white vinegar, as the acid can cause it to pit and lose shine.


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